Digital (Canada)

Neptune Retail Solutions has an extensive digital portfolio, comprised of mobile and desktop incentives and programmatic data driven media, emails and social advertising. Our digital products work seamlessly with our offline portfolio, reaching shoppers all along the path to purchase.

Digital media and digital coupon solutions are designed to convert shoppers into buyers. Campaigns designed around store-lists leverage our proprietary purchase data with millions of verified receipts and hundreds of millions of dollars in purchase volume1.

We compliment our proprietary purchase data with 2nd party online behavior as well as amplify with 3rd party data leaders.

Digital products provide excellent amplification opportunities for our traditional products.

Digital Media

Programmatic digital display, targeted email, social media, and video. Other functions include e-commerce and high impact mobile units.


  • E-commerce drives growth across several CPG categories. CPG e-commerce is the chance to move consumers through the purchase funnel in minutes instead of months — and measure the investment with actual sales data. Our eCommerce feature adds your product directly to shopping carts for, and many more2.

  • We leverage our proprietary database and extensive purchase data combined with online shopping behavior to reach over 3,000 Canadian sites and 11MM shoppers per month3.

  • Targeted opportunities for video within our savings app, Checkout 51, based on purchase behavior across all national retailers in Canada.


  • We can help design campaigns to reach your specific objective including awareness or sales lift analysis.

Digital Incentives

An extensive, open digital coupon network, reaching over 35MM unique shoppers in the US across 21,000 load to card retail loyalty stores, load to card retail loyalty programs, mobile cash back apps and print-at-home couponing. We also have DIRECT2CARD® digital offers at major retailers including Publix, Meijer, ShopRite, Family Dollar and Rite Aid.


We own the mobile cash back app Checkout 51 with over 2.5MM4 members in Canada, an omni-channel solution that captures receipt data to personalize offers for our brand partners. Brings the same national brand content to major retailers in Canada.


  • Audience segmentation: Proprietary purchase and shopping behavior, combined with syndicated, and partner data to strategically segment offers and design a program to best meet your program objective.

  • Consumer-centric: allows shoppers to choose how and where they want to save

  • Operational efficiency – one contract, one set of assets

  • Executional delivery – our client delivery team will manage the campaign to make sure we are tracking towards all the campaigns key KPIs during the time in market


  • Robust analytics and shopper insights in one comprehensive campaign post-game report. Results include brand lift, ROI, incrementality, competitive analysis, audience insights, basket analysis, etc. And it’s all complimentary.

Print at home digital incentive designed to deliver against shoppers who prefer a printed coupon.


  • Leverage Neptune Marketing Solution’s extensive retail and commercial partner sites such as, Rexall and to extend the reach of a printed coupon