A variety of advertising and coupon vehicles — including digital — located in over 60,000+ stores in the US and Canada, serviced by over 4,000+ field representatives, across multiple classes of trade1.

Drive awareness: there are more weekly shoppers at Kroger than watching the #1 rated TV show2.

Drive conversion: 76% of purchase decisions are made in store, and half are made in less than 10 seconds3. Reach category shoppers who are ready to select and buy.

Proven sales-lift across every major CPG category.

Category exclusive tactics

Measurement: Matched store testing or trended analysis available to determine sales impact. High-resolution photo capture capability.

In-store Equity Advertising

SmartSource® Shelftalk®, and SmartSource Shelftalk Banner® shelf signs, on-pack stickers or neckhangers, SmartSource Floortalk® floor signs, and SmartSource® Carts® shopping cart signs.


  • Drive conversion at a point of purchase, while building brand equity and value.

At-shelf Incentives

SmartSource Coupon Machine® with coupons, SmartSource Shelftake One® with information and coupons, and SmartSource® Tearpad with coupons distributed to shoppers in store.


  • Drive brand preference by lowering the price barrier to trial.

  • Alternative to national trade deals that puts clients in control of coupon value and placement to the store-level.

  • Access to store-level data in the US allows Neptune Retail Solutions to deliver coupons only where they’re needed most.

At-shelf Engagement

SmartSource Shelftake One® with leaflets, SmartSource® Shelfvision P2V video, SmartSource® Showcase product previews and samples distributed to shoppers in store.


  • Gives shoppers more information and reasons to try (e.g. recipes, instructions, touch-and-feel, etc.)

Merchandising Services

What it is: Field force of 4,000+ reps service over 60,000 network stores in the US and Canada1, while providing additional services in store. These teams specialize in short lead time activation of marketing, signage, navigation, display, inventory and fixture audits with advanced capabilities of photo capture.

Retailer Notifications (US-only)

Alerts store managers to upcoming promotions (FSI, IRC’s, digital programming, etc.), so they can stock.


  • Avoid promotion-related out-of-stock and increase sales attributed to promotion.

  • Proven sales lift.

  • Neptune Retail Solutions can service clients across various industries inclusive of: Retail, Auto, Banking.


  • Test vs. control methodology to measure sales lift (US only).


Report on in-stocks, shelf placements, pricing, etc. Option to receive store specific pictures to gain insight by retailer.


  • Expert field force with a 90% installation compliance guarantee.