Our Network

Powerful, proven and proprietary.

Driving all of Neptune Retail Solutions products and solutions is one of the most robust path to purchase networks in the industry:

In-store Network

Retail Network

60,000+1 stores across food, drug, mass and discount in the US and Canada enables broad “pre-approved” shopper activation.

Field Network

Field Team — 4,000+2 person Field Team of tenured, NRS employees provide merchandising and execution across our Retail Network, with a 90% installation compliance guarantee.

At-home/Print Network

Print and Publishing Network

2,900+3 publications provide broad reach, driving sales.

Direct to Consumer Solutions

Deliver targeted mailers or samples to shoppers, driving awareness and incenting trial for over 120MM households in the US and 10MM households in Canada4.

Digital Network

Digital Data

We have proprietary data on 35MM+ unique shoppers5, millions of receipts, and billions of dollars of purchase volume at US retail6. We can also leverage shopper behavior data across 700 Retailer and Brand partners and 220MM shoppers7.

Digital Media

220MM shoppers8 generate data, allowing us to strategically target digital display, video, email and social media.