We’re experts in helping clients with some of the most persistent challenges.

1. Launching a New Product

Over 80%1 of new product launches fail.That’s why some of the world’s biggest advertisers count on Neptune Retail Solutions portfolio of products and solutions to improve those odds. In fact, our FSI and In-Store programs have played a significant role in some of the most successful new product launches2.

Here's how:

Proprietary purchase-level data allows us to specifically target new brand and category shoppers3 .

We drive trial along the path to purchase because of our broad-reaching, omni-channel shopper marketing tactics, including the capability to activate media at first-scan.

We make it easy to optimize your plans as launch progresses, using both precision digital and store-level targeting to reach the right shoppers.

We used NRS digital and In-store tactics to generate trial and drive awareness of our new product. As a result, we saw an increase in category share and an overall lift in sales throughout the campaign.

Healthy Snack Brand Client

2. Driving the Base

We know brands struggle to balance supporting the base business and supporting new products. We’re experts in that balance, helping clients get the most impact from their portfolio.

Here's how:

Proprietary purchase-level data allows us to target a brand’s lapsed users, along with competitive switchers.

Our expertise in category performance metrics allows for a full, post-program analysis, so we and our clients can optimize, learn and refine.

Our In-store network provides clients with the opportunity to keep their featured products top of mind and get a proven sales lift.

Our base business was expected to be down this year due to an increase in unit price. However due to integration across various platforms (i.e.media, FSI, TV, radio, etc.), we saw an increase in sales, higher than projected.

Chili Brand Client

3. Brand Support for Specific Retailers

From building and maintaining distribution to securing feature and display, we know it’s critical for brands to connect their marketing efforts to support retailers important to them. Our dedicated retailer teams leverage proven solutions, executing custom plans for success.

Here's how:

Proprietary, validated purchase data from millions of receipts and billions of dollars of purchase volume gives us the power to target shoppers to drive brand sales at specific retailers, and retail store level data allows us to measure and optimize campaigns.

Our relationship owners have earned the trust and have a deep understanding of retailer needs because they work out of local offices, with experience measured in decades.

We used a high impact mobile ad and targeted email, linking to a coupon to drive awareness and increase sales at our key retailer. Because we amplified our coupon offer with NRS’s digital media offerings, redemptions came in 3X higher than normal.

Top Mass Retailer Partner

4. Closing the Sales Gap

We understand the pressure to make quarterly numbers. Neptune Retail Solutions provides continuous optimization that helps close the gap in a smart way.

Here's how:

Store-level data allows us to create a customized plan that is strategic and efficient.

We move fast, seamlessly managing the complexity of multiple omni-channel executions.

Our extensive field team can be on-site to quickly execute (within 1-3 weeks) with a 90% installation compliance guarantee.

We provide post-program analysis, so we and our clients get smarter, together.

We worked with Neptune Retail Solutions on ways to quickly move volume in one of our key retailers as we were at risk of losing distribution. They helped us make a strategic recommendation to run floor signage and on-pack elastitags with coupon incentive to drive sales.

Coffee Brand Client