Our tools influence shoppers throughout their omni-channel purchase journey

Driving to the Store

Leverage our purchase-level data set to engage the right shoppers at the right time to influence shopping trips.

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Converting In-Store

We provide the final points of influence to close the sale for your brand, from store entry to the shelf.

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Drive to store

We put your brand on the shopping list

Digital Media

Our high-impact digital formats combined with sophisticated targeting drive optimal results.

Secure 2-10% average sales lift

  • Programmatic
  • Dynamic Ad units
  • Shoppable Media
  • Shopper Social
  • Email
  • Digital Out of Home
  • Checkout 51 unique in app media
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Deliver your brand’s offer across an aggregate of retailer agnostic incentive platforms that maximize reach and provide ultimate flexibility for when, where & how shoppers want to save.

Reach Shoppers at 120M touchpoints

  • Cash back
  • Load to card
  • FSI
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Direct mail

Leveraging our unique set of 1st and 2nd party data, we ensure your custom mailers and product samples get to high quality recipients, likely to try and buy.

  • Custom Mailers
  • Newspaper Ride-Alongs
  • In-app sampling
  • Experimental
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Converting In-store

We provide the final points of influence to close the sale of your brand, from store entry to the shelf.


Engage shoppers as they begin their trip and navigate through the aisles.

4-6% average sales lift

  • Navigate to the aisle and product
  • Break through shelf clutter
  • Reminder for unplanned categories
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Conversion At-Shelf

Influence shoppers as they make their final at-shelf purchase decisions.

3-6% average sales lift

  • Communicate key points of difference over competitive set
  • Drive brand preference closest to point of purchase
  • Cross Category placement to build basket and remind shoppers they need your brand
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Incentives At The Shelf

Close the sale of your brand over the competition.

4.5% average increase in sales

  • Break the tie at shelf
  • Drive trial or stock-up
  • Combat competitive threats
  • Amplify trade programs
  • Cross-merchandise with complementary products to drive new shoppers to your aisle
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Digital In-Store Innovation

All the benefits of digital media now available in store. Rules based dynamic content delivery can be personalized and creates high impact in store.

  • Digital welcome
  • Connected shelf
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Merchandising Services

Retail maintenance to ensure your SKUs are available and accessible to your shopper.

  • Maintenance of the prepackage display: Audit and restock pre-pack displays

  • Shippers: Distribute, assemble and fill removable displays

  • Incremental displays: Sell ​​and set up displays at major retailers

  • End screens: Add point of sale elements to existing end displays including headers and rip stamps

  • Rotate products: Damaged, seasonal or expired / expired product

  • Show replenishment: Fill pre-pack displays or tips with product on the shelf or from the backroom

  • Shelf trays or product organizers: Organize your product and make it stand out on the shelf. Distribute via the NRS distribution center

  • Correction of the blank: Increased shelf availability by correcting voids and solving ghost stocks

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Creative Strategy & Design

Our experienced team of designers deliver agency-quality creative executions to move your brand off the shelf and into the cart.

  • Shopper-Centric Creative Experts: We have a 30+ year history of developing influential print/digital/incentive/in-store creative that engages and inspires shoppers throughout their journey towards purchase within retail.
  • Best-In-Class Creative Capabilities: Our team provides extensive shopper design experience to deliver on a range of retail creative needs inclusive of: in-store media, digital media, email, print, illustration, retouching, animation, video and direct mail.
  • Creative Cost Efficiencies: Our standardized rate card to develop shopper creative can significantly reduce inflated agency execution fees.
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